Expressing One’s Self by Recording Music

Music is probably the most interesting way to express one’s self. Even with just a few notes, music can already convey someone’s feelings and emotions. And often, you don’t even need lyrics or even a single word to be able to describe your mood.

Making use of music as a medium for expressing one’s self is probably as old as time itself. You can tell who a musician is by listening to his compositions, in the same way that you can tell who someone is based on his friends. After all, an artist’s music can be influenced by the generation and culture surrounding him. But still, songs are more of a personal expression than the amalgamation of environmental factors.

For me, music is more substantial than blog posts or other forms of writing (which I nonetheless love just as much). With writing though, it’s easy to “capture” an expression by using only a pen and paper at most. Whereas with music, you’ll have to use recording studio equipment (like the ones on this article) that are anything but cheap. But then, they do allow you to capture even more dimensions from an expression.

Music is multidimensional — so much so that it allows you to vividly express how you are feeling. For example, you might have had a tough day so you vent out your frustrations by playing guitar. With home recording studio equipment, you can “extract” your heavy feeling into a guitar riff. Then, you can add more dimensions or layers like lyrics and other instruments to make your expression more experiential.

Speaking of experience, recording studio equipment allow you to relive your expression again in the future. Recording music is just like taking a photograph — you are capturing a moment wherein you are expressing joy, sadness and everything in between.

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